ORAU is proud to present the
Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy

Male participant in blue shirt giving a demonstration
Two young ladies in a research facility, looking through a microscope
Female teacher showing locations of countries on a globe to a group of children

The Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy, funded through Tennessee’s First to the Top funds, is a professional development program to create a cadre of current K-12 teachers and administrators to serve as STEM advocates and leaders in Tennessee’s schools, districts, and the state.

The Academy will recruit 150 teachers and administrators representing Tennessee’s 136 school districts and will provide professional development focused on innovative practices, communication technologies, and pedagogical approaches to expand active STEM learning environments across Tennessee.

The Academy facilitates the dissemination of best practices from TN STEM platform schools and STEM Hubs, as well as from across the nation. As advocates and leaders, the Academy STEM Fellows disseminate information to teachers and administrators in their districts.

The Academy provides ongoing support to the Academy STEM Fellows through sponsored meetings, workshops, Webinars, and conference calls, and coordinates these efforts with the TN STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) and regional hubs..

Register online for the 2014 Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy

For further information, please contact: Marie Westfall at (865) 576-3425 or TSLA@orau.org

Two gentlemen in a classroom performing a science project